Intensive Course Module: London Pilot 7-20 July 2017

Workshop "Participation and Theory"

Timetable, reading list and questions for the seminar

For the seminar on “Participation and Theory” we have selected 8 articles/book chapters from English, German and French authors to get an European vision on participatory art. The book “Living as Form. Socially Engaged Art from 1991-2011” and the articles by Rebentisch and Wischhoff provide you with an overview of the subject. The main focus in our workshop will be on the articles/book chapters of Nicolas Bourriaud, Anna Dezeuse, Claire Bishop, Erika-Fischer Lichte and Jacques Rancière. 

Our discussions are structured around some central aspects of their approaches, for which we kindly ask you to prepare a set of questions. The timetable is supposed to help you prepare your readings.


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