Paris-Louxor – Vivre ensemble le cinéma

The mobilization of a traditional Paris cinema district

Project description

The aim of the project “Paris-Louxor – vivre ensemble le cinéma” was to mobilize the people of the neighborhood three years before the opening of the Louxor film palace at Barbès square in Paris, which is a private cinema. The association also wanted to create a close relation between the inhabitants and their district, sensitize for the history of this “cinema district” – creation of a desire for Louxor and cinema in general  –, realize cultural, artistic, patrimonial, educational and social interventions in Barbès, Paris and elsewhere.  This is done via

  • the website with information about the history of the cinema, activities of the association, the possibility to admit the habitants, and an interactive map with former, recent and future cinemas in the neighborhood;
  • the organization of guided tours on the building site of the Louxor cinema as well as guided tours through the neighborhood, organized by and together with the inhabitants;
  • the organization of meetings, Apéros, common suppers in the neighborhood (“Free Couscous”);
  • the exhibition “J’aime le cinema” in public space (on walls within the city) presenting photographed portraits of the inhabitants accompanied by comments on their personal relationship with cinema, realized by a professional photographer of the neighborhood;
  • the exhibition “Nos cinemas de quartier” (April 25 until May 25, 2013) about the neighborhood with formerly more than popular 100 cinemas, centering the testimonies of the people living around. It has been developed by inhabitants, cinema fans, people of different ages and different social backgrounds involved with cinema and/or their neighborhood. The exhibition consisted of video projections, photos, texts around 30 cinemas in this popular cinema neighborhood;
  • Special events like cinema projections (all events of PARIS-LOUXOR are participatory. Participation is to get involved with the idea of “vivre ensemble le cinema” (living cinema together).

How was the project innovative?

Paris-Louxor is based on the participation and motivation of citizens and is independent from public structures.

How is the project linked to the theme of 20th century European memory?

The project takes in consideration the memory of a neighborhood which formerly had an important amount of popular cinemas – places linked with the memories of people of all ages and social backgrounds (like bistrots). Civic memory is ephemeral. In our digital time printed documents are replaced by digital documents. Popular oral history is very seldom documented, despite the fact that it is an important key for the understanding of our common history. It seems to be important to us to collect the memory and the words of inhabitants and to save them in the long run with the aim to pass this history on to future generations. Collection, conservation, transmission. Telling the neighborhood through cinema. This neighborhood is an emblematic place of popular cinema.

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Rapport d'activités 2011-2013:


Paris-Louxor – Vivre ensemble le cinéma
Laurent Laborie