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Project description

The creative network of Castrum Peregrini is that part of it’s target group that has an active role in its programme: the makers, artists, creative global citizens, scholars, opinion leaders, politicians etc. How to make them visible and make them come out of an anonymous database and show themselves to the broader public and to one another? The work on the library (ongoing) seemed an occasion. We invited network members to adopt a book from Castrum Peregrinis’ library and motivate their choice in a one minute video. After the end of the set period the books were exhibited alongside the videos. During the period of the exhibition any visitor also got the chance to select a book and record a video. The original critical mass from the creative network was 60 books and 60 videos (see In total more than 250 vides were recorded.

How was the project innovative?

It blurred the lines between personal testimonies, the bigger context of a library and a classical exhibition. It started with an uncertain outcome and did not steer the public. Heritage became a tactile experience and abstract history served as a canvas for personal stories to share.
How is the project linked to the theme of 20th century European memory?
The library, which served as the raw material for participants, was the personal library of an exiled poet from WWII and served as a centerpiece in Castrum Peregrinis history, which represents a broad European history connected to WWII.

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