The garbage collector’s choice

CBK Amsterdam

Project description

Who are those men who keep our city clean at all hours? What do they dream of and what is their relationship with art? For The garbage collector’s choice the local dustmen took their pick of the extensive art collection of CBK Amsterdam. They made a truly personal choice from among the 5,000 works of art in the collection. The works of art and the dustmen’s reasons for choosing them were exhibited at CBK Amsterdam. Concurrently, large photos of each dustman and his favourite work of art were driven around the eastern part of Amsterdam for 6 weeks on the side of the dustmen’s lorries.
CBK Amsterdam is an accessible meeting place for contemporary fine arts. It wants to introduce art to people. By working together with the refuse collection professionals CBK Amsterdam intends to show that art is accessible for everyone.

How was the project innovative?

People who are hardly exposed to art and by their own admission had no interest in art, were asked to choose their favourite works of art from among the collection of CBK Amsterdam. By not only showing the art in the gallery space, but also on the side of the dustmen’s lorries, the dustmen brought art into the local neighbourhoods.

How is the project linked to the theme of 20th century European memory?

The collection of CBK Amsterdam consists of works of art from the 1960’s to today. Childhood memories and associations (migration from Turkey) were triggered by delving into the art collection.

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