Intensive Course Module: Amsterdam 1-9 June 2018

European Academy of Participation proposes an intensive course module on participation in the arts in Amsterdam:

Artists, working across all disciplines, are increasingly interested in developing a more collaborative practice and responding to complex social environmental and political issues by engaging with different communities through a process of mutual exchange and reciprocity.

The EAP Course Amsterdam June 2018 is targeted towards artist with a hybrid work experience as defined in the Tuning Document Creative Producers. It will serve as a CPD (Continuous Professional Development) opportunity for artists and cultural practitioners who hold an MA and/or equivalent professional experience.

EAP Course in Amsterdam runs in parallel with one in Bucharest and in Marseille. Amsterdam will specifically focus on peer-learning and horizontal knowledge exchange and thereby building an alternative space of learning. Practitioners from various disciplines develop their understanding, their knowledge and their perspective on participatory art practice. All participants will be teachers and learners, everyone brings in their own experience in a facilitated exchange with peers.

The main activities will take place at Castrum in the historical centre of Amsterdam but also on site of project partners such as Framer Framed, Migration Lab, Tropenmuseum e.a.

The overall program will focus on developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes for all participants as set out in the Tuning Document. The suggested timetable below shows that these competences are not always explicitly addressed, but underpin the themes and topics of the various sessions.

The course

  • invites professionals to reflect on participatory artistic practice through a process of creative and critical enquiry whilst working on a Life Project.

  • examines the social, political, economic and historical contexts of participation and the wide range of dialogic approaches and creative interactions between artists and communities the background, experience and research questions of participants will determine the specific focus of most sessions.

  • All participants will realise a collaborative project that will serve as a life case study for all theoretical and practical sessions.

  • builds on the experience of the EAP Pilot course at Central Saint Martins, London, July 2017 and the EAP conference Living As Form, Amsterdam 26-27 October 2017.


Learning Outcomes: With this course participants will

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the historical and contextual perspective and current debates around participatory artistic practice including ethical practice

  • become aware of and able to draw on appropriate strategies and methodologies to work with diverse and collaborative approaches and co-creation

  • Enhance their own participatory arts and/or curatorial practice ranging from generating the original ideas in partnership with others, to initiating and facilitating appropriate activities, to reflecting critically on their own process.


Profile of participants: Advanced artistic or cultural management experience (portfolio), post Higher Education Level 7 (MA).

Costs: Travel and accommodation is covered by the project for foreign students coming to Amsterdam. There are limited places available.