The Unstraight Museum

The Unstraight Museum is an ongoing project aiming at making LGBT history, in all its aspects, visible. A group of people connected to museum either by working in, or by visiting, or just by loving museums and collections, decided in 2007 to do something about the fact that most museums neglect to tell the stories of Unstraight people, and started to form a new museum focused on collective collecting - The Unstraight Museum. The Unstraight Museum is a website dedicated to presenting the stories of Unstraight individuals and their contemporary reality.

Aims of the Unstraight Museum:

  • Collecting and documenting LGBT history in all its forms

  • Cataloguing and creating open artifact databases

  • Making all collected information available to the general public
Working to encourage more museums to include a LGBT perspective in their collections.

The participatory angle

The collection of stories and objects is totally based on collaboration with people donating. So far 100 people have donated objects and stories.

Connecting to European 20th century history

Making the history of LGBT has not been done before, Museums and exhibitions form an important part of our view of reality. It is here our cultural heritage – our collective memory – is given concrete form. Here we define that which is important – and thereby, by its absence, also that which is not.
Our museums have long neglected to tell the stories of LGBT persons and their unique experiences. They have either been blind to them or have chosen to turn a blind eye. They have made such people invisible. They have failed to uphold the equal rights and dignity of all human beings.
For this reason, it is with great joy and pride that we now unveil The Unstraight Museum – a site dedicated to presenting the stories of Unstraight individuals and their contemporary reality.

How is it innovative?

To make LGTB history visible has not been done before. The collection is searchable through the swedish cultural heritage API (database)  and is accessible to everyone.

Further information

The Unstraight Museum:


Maja-Lena Moli: maja.lena.molin[at]