Memoro - The Bank of Memories

Collection of life stories on the web

Project description

The project Memoro - The Bank of Memories is an archive of stories recorded in video and audio of people born before 1950. The goal is to make available to younger generations the memories of older people on the internet.This non-profit project born in Turin, Italy, in August 2007, is dedicated to the collection of self-produced and spontaneous experiences and life stories of people born before 1950. The format is audio or video clips of a few minutes. This process is not an end in itself, but the structural disclosure of freely collected content. The medium chosen is the Web, specifically a collection site and for the use of audio and video content. Unlike other similar initiatives, limitations are placed on how to load content via the screening of a newsroom to ensure the goals and the consistency of the project.

How was the project innovative?

The project is innovative in two respects:

  1. It collects and organizes the memories of people born before 1950 in the form of video interviews, making them available through the internet to all and without physical limitations of storage space and possibility of use.
  2. It creates a bridge between the younger generation pushing for the spontaneous gathering of memories of people born before 1950. The participants see themselves, often for the first time, on the internet, while younger people learn, besides producing the video interviews, the value of the preservation of the memory.

How is the project linked to the theme of 20th century European memory?

The stories contained in Memoro, its content, are closely linked to European memory of 1900. You can find both the memories and stories of the great historical events on a European scale of small local stories or family. The latter are particularly important from a historical point of view because, while not capturing sources for large events, reveal information about societies and ways of life of the people. We like to imagine that compared to major events, described and analyzed in the history books, the stories available on Memoro may be represented in the context in which they occurred.

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