The production of a collective artistic gesture

Project description:

Carla Cruz worked with the group "Tecer Outras Coisas” (Weaving Other Things), based at Coelima, a textile factory in Pevidém, which other women mostly connected to the textile industry in the Vale do Ave, have joined forming a new one – Rastilho. The project aims at exploring issues related to the demobilization of industrial production in Portugal, the weakening of labour and the consequent feminization of poverty and, through these issues, to create a collective artistic gesture.
This project as well as a second one realized by the artist Carla Cruz, Utopia, Cyborgs and Other Tree Houses (2009), involved a group of volunteers to collectively produce an artistic gesture. Rastilho was realized during Guimarães 2012, European Capital of Culture. Utopia, Cyborgs and Other Tree Houses was held among a group of participants that responded to a call for participation during the International Performance Festival – Circular – Vila do Conde, Portugal.

How was the project innovative?

The projects did not merely involved participants in the production of a ‘vision’ by an artist, but rather attempted to deconstruct the notion of creativity as associated to the privilege figure of the artist, by making the entire process collaborative and also that the end product was authored by the whole group/collective instead of the invited artist Carla Cruz.

How is the project linked to the theme of 20th century European memory?

In both project, as the initiator, carla Cruz proposed an initial theme, just to kick-start the process, the dialogue. In 2009 notions of citizenship, responsibility and subjectivity were addressed; in 2012 notions of labor, gender relations in working environments, the dislocation of production to other regions of the world were the main themes. On the first the exercise was a futuristic one, to create a vision of citizenship for the new millennium, the second one looked back at the history of industrialization and the changes of the last decade in Europe.

Further information

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