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Project presentation

R-urban in Hackney Wick is a two phased pilot project with the aim to create collective and participatory process leading to the creation of a new public recycling facility centred around ecological and eco-construction principles while exploring issues around mobile urbanism and reversible use of vacant urban sites. The initial phase will connect existing local initiatives and expertise already engaged with eco-construction to create a network of participants and make their knowledge publicly accessible through a participative process. In its second phase the project aims to adopt a vacant site to establish a Transferable Recycling Centre. The centre will allow members to learn about sustainable eco-construction by providing a series of residents run facilities. R-urban Wick is currently set up around 4 projects:

  • WOW - Wick on Wheels - A mobile recycling facility and workspace based on a repurposed milk float.
  • Wick Sessions - talks, walks and workshops supporting an active knowledge exchange.
  • Experiments in Household Knowledge - a series of close collaborations to explore exiting local ecological practices.
  • Wick Curiosity Shop - a local archive for collection and dissemination.            

How was the project innovative?

It is an incremental long term engagement in a place with its community and it tests different models of resilience and models of living.

How is the project linked to the theme of 20th century European memory?

The project is part of Rurban which is a European project which is partnered with City of Colombe in France and although both places build on localized identity and memory, through shared experience and events the memories are linked. In London as part of the public works project Wick Curiosity shop archives and collects localized memories and art.

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