Inside Out

The project Inside Out was aimed at bringing what is inside, out. Starting point of our project was to make public what is usually hidden. Habits that live within the intimacy of the home to disappear when we show a representation of ourselves in the realm of the public arena. Dissecting what is private and what is public. Differences between the private and public body, private and public utterances.

Project description

The project was a collaboration between a choreographic artist, a choreographer, a performance artist and a video artist. The project moved between and through disciplines and created a borderland where a seminal workspace came into existence. The piece was intended to manifest itself with live performance, video, installation and written texts/theories. Our partnes in Lviv suggested the Scientific Library of Lviv National Ivan Franko University as site for the project. Our intention was to open up the library that is usually closed, in various ways and with various media and in that way create a commmunication stream during the time of the project.

How was the project innovative?

The library became both the subject and the background for 4 video works titled Circulation I – IV and put it in a wider context. Playing with the inner structure of the library; the video works subtly challenge the access and the perception the visitors and/or viewers can have of the place and invite to a particular reading of its narrative, in between fiction and reality.
How is the project linked to the theme of 20th century European memory?
The project links to the history of the former Soviet states and how in and outside spaces and their organisation are perceived. The system of the library can be seen as a metaphor for the organisation of a country as a whole.

Links to the project sources

Sybrig Dokter:


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