The sense of neighbourhood

Project description:

PELE is an artistic structure created in 2007, based in Oporto, and that has as a principle of its work the development projects with communities involving them in the processes of creation, thus taking Art as a place of meeting and dialogue between territories and people. The invitation ADILO/ Integrated Development Agency of Lordelo do Ouro began this project in late March 2012, since then it perform regular sessions with a group of adults from the community who gave rise to EmComum – Community Theatre Group of  Lordelo do Ouro. The creative process starts from the stories and memories shared by the group as well as the willingness to reflect on the community and on what they missed: the sense of neighbourhood. So, from personal objects, texts about "what I saw, what I see and what I would like to see from my window" and collective improvisations, built up this spectacle involving several institutions and communities of the parish.
The presentation in the public space of the parish in an area that was once known as the Forest of Pasteleira and today is an urban park with unique features in the city, was also intentional, in order to bring the community to enjoy and take ownership of the public space.

How was the project innovative?

The project reached a group that usually doesn’t participate in the activities held in the community, they are also habitants of social housing and therefore more excluded of the city.

How is the project linked to the theme of 20th century European memory?

It is connected to a very important period of the XX century, during the 40’s, 50’, 60’s and 70’s people left the small villages of the interior and came to the big cities to work in the factories. This particular parish was in the 50’s, 60’s one of the biggest industrial centres of Portugal. In this times were constructed many social houses to receive people that work on the factories. During the 80’s the factories moved to other places in the city, outside the city centre and so the unemployment and so the community stared to become more depressed and more excluded.

Links to project sources

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PELE: www.apele.org