Casa Rodolfo Siviero

Museo Casa Rodolfo Siviero multimedia enhancing project

Project description

Educational - a class workshop for the Master in “Integrated Technologies for Cultural Heritage” 2010 edition.
To provide a feasible plan and sustainable / plausible / respectful (for the house itself) set of ICT solutions to enhance and communicate the hidden history and memory of the former owner of the house.
Together with a requested mix of different technologies and solutions to attain the better valorisation of the museum and mostly to extend to newer generations its memory also recurring to social media solutions, the project was innovative in implementing an educational model cantered on a real case workshop that has set a “standard” for the masters issued by the organization. The choice was developed with the intent of providing the students (mostly coming from other Italian regions or foreign countries) with a significative experience close to the rich cultural and historical Florentine contest and its social background and at the same time to allow a direct downfall of study experiences to local “minor” cultural assets and organizations asking for their involvement and participation.

How is the project linked to the theme of 20th century European memory?

Starting from the actual condition and accessibility of the Museum but also taking into consideration an existing project to enhance both, the 2,5 months class workshop (from mid February to end of March 2011) figured out a series of solutions to implement the introduction of ICT within a Florentine historical landmark which is such certainly not for its importance as a building or collection (especially if compared with the renowned assets of the city) but for the special and sometime phantasmagorical history of its last owner, Rodolfo Siviero. Fascist art historian and intelligence officer during the second world war and later plenipotentiary Minister of Culture of the first Italian Republic in the decades following the war. As for other similar figures in history and in that particular European historical period, Siviero was in charge of rescuing the art patrimony looted by Nazis from Italy during the war.

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Regione Toscana, politiche della formazione, Servizio Musei (the museum is the only one directly managed by the Tuscan Region administration)