European Academy of Participation

Creative producers in the communities of tomorrow

A Strategic Partnership supported by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Commission. September 2015 – August 2018

The European Academy of Participation (EAP) brings together 10 organisations from all over Europe, from higher education, from the arts and culture. They want to make a contribution to a more inclusive Europe, in which people live together in mutual respect of their differences. They identified participatory practice in art and culture as a central tool to involve communities in a positive process of constructing a shared cultural space.


It raises high hopes to compensate for withdrawing state structures, it is fashionable at funding bodies, fosters social cohesion and it exposes us to a world of ethical questions around responsibility and authorship. It also embraces the dissolving of boundaries between academic and artistic disciplines and those between the policymaker, the artist, the curator and the audience. This increasing fluidity brings about a new practice profile: the creative producer.

EAP want to develop

  • a shared notion of a graduate profile for practitioners working in participatory settings and thereby contribute to the discussion in academia and the cultural and artistic field. EAP uses the Tuning Educational Structures in Europe Methodology to arrive at a benchmark document that will be validated and published for the use of educators and practitioners
  • an intensive 2 months, low-residency course module jointly offered by Universities and cultural organisations capitalising on the trend of dissolving boundaries between the world of work and academia. The module targets postgraduate students from the humanities and the arts and practitioners like artists, trainers, teachers, curators etc. of cultural organizations from the third sector that seek further education in lifelong learning provisions.

The ambition of EAP is to tap into the existing potential of higher education and the unique and hard won endeavours of creative projects and organizations scattered across Europe that are engaging the public as active agents in their work. Through their cross-fertilisation both sectors impact on the diversifying societies of Europe, capitalizing on participatory practice in the arts.